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Corporate Member Program

Join our network of esteemed business members and contribute to the advancement of chiropractic care in Alaska.

The Impact of ACS Corporate Members

ACS Corporate Members play a crucial role in the success of the Alaska Chiropractic Society. Their contributions enable us to advocate effectively for our members and their patients, ensuring that chiropractic care remains a primary healthcare choice in Alaska.

These trusted business members have a proven track record of supporting Alaskan Chiropractic Physicians in achieving their practice goals and staying at the forefront of health and wellness in their communities. When making purchasing decisions, we encourage our members to consider the products and services offered by ACS Corporate Members first.

Support ACS Corporate Members

When making purchasing decisions, we encourage ACS members to consider the exceptional products and services offered by our trusted ACS Corporate Members. Their offerings are tailored to meet the unique needs of chiropractic practices, ensuring you have access to the best resources available. Support those who support you and your profession.