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NCMIC was started in 1946 when a small group of chiropractors couldn’t find an insurance company that would sell them the malpractice insurance they needed to protect themselves. So they decided to take matters into their own hands, creating a company that would protect them and their fellow chiropractors, specializing in products specific to DCs.

To continue helping our customers do more, we’ve expanded our products and services. Today, we offer malpractice insurance as well as business and personal insurance, equipment financing, business credit card, credit card processing, and premium financing.

For 75 years, one thing has remained the same: our vision – We Take Care of Our Own.

NCMIC Insurance + Finance Contacts

Did you know NCMIC is NOT just about malpractice insurance anymore? Check out the GREAT line-up of products/services they have to help support our chiropractic community in business AND at play in Alaska! Recreational vehicles, boats, campers, jet skis – they can cover it!

Business Insurance
Abigail Im

Sr. Account Executive
Commercial Lines Specialist
Personal Lines Backup
Phone: Direct – 515-313-4762
Toll Free – 800-394-1466 ext 4762

Personal Insurance
Danita Blessing

Sr. Account Executive
Personal Lines Specialist
Phone: Direct – 515-313-4698
Toll Free – 800-394-1466 ext 4698

Premium Financing
Lisa Logan

National Sales Manager
Toll Free – 800-600-9250 ext 4645

Insurance Client Service Center + Malpractice Insurance Policyholders

800-247-8043, ext. 7050

Credit Card Processing

Ahmed Ibrahim
Business Development Manager
Phone: Direct – 515-313-4672
Toll Free – 800-503-0954 ext 4672
Email: aibrahim@ncmic

MilesAway Mastercard

Rebecca Westphal
Credit Card Specialist
Phone: Direct – 515-313-4751
Toll Free – 800-503-0954 ext 4751

Equipment Loans

Magda Lippold
Account Manager
Phone: Direct – 515-313-4775
Toll Free – 800-770-7244 ext 4775

May, 2021 – NCMIC Announces New Starting Into Practice Website

From business plans to social media marketing, the website offers resources to help prepare students for the transition from school to practice. The resources are also useful for new DCs or those transitioning to a new mode of practice.

“We know the shift from student to practicing DC can be a stressful one. That is why the Starting Into Practice website is such a great resource,” said Dan Zimmerman, director of corporate relations at NCMIC. “It is one of the most comprehensive guides I have seen available to students at no cost. We are frequently adding new resources to the site, and with the new design, it’s now easier to use than ever before.”

NCMIC’s Starting Into Practice® Program has held on-campus presentations for over 20 years helping prepare students for life after graduation. The Starting Into Practice website provides helpful resources for students whether they’re starting their own practice, joining an existing practice or becoming an independent contractor. From creating a financial plan, to building a professional team or marketing a practice, the website offers students research-based and real-life examples students can use to guide decisions regarding their practice.

“I’m proud of all the work that went into the relaunch,” said Zimmerman. “As a team, we all look forward to hearing feedback about the many ways students are using the website and its value in helping them start into practice.”

Visit the new Starting Into Practice website at

Click here  to go to NCMIC website.