2024 Membership

Membership & Dues

The ACS has a sustained, respected presence in the state of Alaska, enabling us to fight for the interests of our doctors and our profession. The ACS is the only chiropractic association in the state and endeavors to consistently provide high quality information and education opportunities to our members.  

Memberships to the Alaska Chiropractic Society are annual calendar year memberships that run from 01/01/2024 through 12/31/2024. Installment plans are available for annual membership fees – monthly, quarterly, and semi-annually and automatically billed to your credit card.  

Student Membership = FREE. Currently enrolled in Chiropractic College. 

New Graduates = FREE membership for Doctors of Chiropractic who have graduated from chiropractic college in the past 12 months.  

2nd Year Graduates = 1/2 OFF Regular Membership = $375.

Regular Membership = $750.  

Joint Membership = spouses + domestic partners – DC Regular Memberships – 20% off second regular membership ($600 instead of $750). Discount to be applied to invoice by ACS staff.  

Enhanced Membership = $1500. All the benefits of a Regular Membership with an added educational component that includes all required continuing education credits for DC license renewal through biennial convention attendance for member DC PLUS one CA Staff member!  Online, in-person Convention and CPR credits included!  Deep discounts on on additional in-person ACS CEU events.  Excludes any “special events” such as cruises and out-of-state events.  

Retired Membership = $100.   Retired membership applies to those formerly Alaska licensed DC’s who have retired their license with the state and will no longer hold an active license to treat patients in Alaska.  This means that they are not allowed to treat patients or make financial gain from their licensing status.  Doctors who maintain an active license are required to purchase a Regular or Enhanced Membership.

Membership Applications (Paper Submission)

Want to go old-school to join? Complete an application form (Regular or Enhanced) and a DC Profile (download forms below) and fax completed forms to (907) 770-3790:

2024 Regular Membership Application – Use for Regular, Student, 1st and 2nd Year Graduates & Retired Memberships.  

2023-24 Enhanced Membership Application – 2-year commitment (2023 + 2024) of $1500 each year that gives you additional benefits including 4-Day attendance at ACS Biennial Convention for member DC and one CA staff member! See application for details!! This is a great membership for regular members who want the ease of budgeting for required continuing education credits.  

2024 Doctor Profile – Complete so we can optimize your “Find A Chiropractor” listing on the ACS website.  

As a Practice Manager, I can’t imagine not being a member of Alaska Chiropractic Society.

We have access to fee schedule, alerts to what changes insurance companies are making, and information on what is happening at the State and National level. I would think if we weren’t members we would feel we were in a bubble where we had no idea what was happening. I can do my job better because of our membership! Becoming a member of the Alaska Chiropractic Society is one of the best investments Kanady Chiropractic Center has made. The continuing education opportunities and  the ability to connect with my peers are invaluable.

Lynn Kanady

Practice Manager, Kanady Chiropractic Center